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iDream Cable CO.,Ltd is a Leading Manufacturer of Fiber Optic & Networking Cables which is Located in Shenzhen, China, We are specialized in Fiber optic & Networking cables for more than ten years,We offer precise customized solutions for various customers involved in telecommunication,broadcast,CATV, CCTV and network Industry worldwide.

iDream Fiber Optic Cable CO.,Ltd is a national high-tech company, subordinated to iDream GROUP, together with Shenzhen iDream Cable Co., Ltd, iDream Development Company Limited, and  iDream Fiber Optic Cable Co., Ltd is  committed to fiber optic communication and Telecommunication Development.

iDream provide services for Telecommunication Technology, Copper & Fiber Optics Network Solutions with more than 10 years’ experience in the Telecom market. Working on the philosophy of continuous improvement , we are seeking to bring the latest telecommunications technologies to our area and invest in our facility & people to be updated with the modern trends and offer new and upgraded products with our customers.

iDream is a brand which strives to become one of the leading specialized and high-tech manufacturer and supplier for the following product line:

Fiber Optics Network Solutions: Fiber Optic Indoor/Outdoor Cable,Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and FTTx Networks.

Copper Networks Solutions: LAN / Data Cables (CAT5E,CAT6.CAT6A,CAT7 Cables ) and Patch Cord

Professional Data Networks: Voice & Date Cabling System and Data Center.

IP Based Networks: IP Telephony, IPTV, VoIP.

Security and Monitoring Networks Cabling : CCTV Coaxial Cable ( RG59, RG6, RG59+2C Power Cable, RG6+2C Power Cable).

Electrical building wires and cables