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Project Description

Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable GYTA53

Armored Loose Tube Double Jacket/Single Armor fiber optic cables are designed to provide high fiber counts with the flexibility and versatility required for today’s most demanding installations, including direct buried. With fiber counts up to 288 and S-Z strand designs.


Direct buried, Duct,Underground conduits.


GYTA53 Fiber Optic Cable structure


1. For flame retardant cable, outer sheath can be made of low-smoke halogen-free (LSZH) material

2.Upon customer’s request, cables with longitudinal color strip on outer sheath can be offered. More details, please refer to GYTA series.

3. Special cable structure can be designed and manufactured on customer’s request.


GYTA53 cable complies with standard YD/T901-2001 as well as IEC60794-1

Storage/Operating Temperature: -40℃ to + 70℃

Direct Burial Fiber Optic Cable GYTA53Optical Fiber Color
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