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Project Description

Non-Metallic strength member GYFXTC8Y


The cables are mainly designed for digital or analog transmission communication and rural communication system.

The products are suitable for aeral installation.

Non-armored self support fiber optic Cable GYFXTC8Y

Product Characteristics

1.The messeger wire together with OFC as a whole part. OFC installation can be completed at one time. Ease construction and lessaffected by environment, reducing installation cast.

2.It adopts galvanize steel stranded wire with high tensile strength ,which can meet therequirment of existing telephone pole .

3.Loose tube filled with gel and wrapped longitudinal water blocking tap, ensuring good moisture  protection and water blocking.

4.It makes the whole structure compact with thermal meliting gluey drop caoted on the the loose tube surface.Precision control for over length ensures OFC with excellent performances of mechanical tensile strain and environmnt temperature.

5.It could ensure much better moisture resistance and improve side press resistance perform with corrugted steel plastic tape wrapping cable core.

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