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Project Description

Steel Tape Layer Loose Tube Outdoor fiber optic cable

GYTS ,the fibers are positioned in the loose tube made of high modulus polyester.
each loose tube is stranded arounded a steel wire located in the center of core as a metallic strength member ,
The cable core is filled with water resistance compound.corrugated steel tape is laminated at both side and bonded to PE outer jacket .


1. The loose tube filled with moisture-proof and water blocking compound ensue impermeable
2. Excellent mechanical and enviromental performance
3. Metal strength member provides excellent strain performance
4. Longitudinal corrugated steel tape is laminated at both side and bonded to PE outer jacket, It ensures not only radial moisture-proof but also reinforces the crush resistance of fiber optical cable

-Long distance and Local Area Network (LAN) communication

-GYTS cable is suitable for aerial or duct installation

GYTS Fiber optic cable

Good mechanical and temperature characteristics

Loose tube material itself has good water resistance and high strength.

The tube is filled with special ointment to protect the optical fiber.

Specially designed compact optical cable structure to effectively prevent casing retraction.

PE sheath has good UV radiation resistance

The following measures are taken to ensure the waterproofing performance of the cable:

Core reinforcing core of single steel wire

Special waterproof compound filled in loose casing

Full core filling

The GYTS/GYTA optical cable follows the YD/T901-2009 and IEC60794-1 standards.

GYTS Fiber Optic Cable Structure
fiber optic cable wooden packing

GYTS Fiber Optic Cable Technic Date Sheet

Fiber Optic Cable Technic Date sheetOptical Fiber Color
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