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Project Description

unarmored Non-metallic flame retardant fiber optic cable GYFTZY apply for outdoor duct aerial

The fiber, 250 μm, is positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic
The tubes are filled with a water resistant filling compound. A fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) locates in the center of core as a non-metallic strength member. The tubes and fillers are stranded one. After the cable core is filled with the filling compound to protect from water ingress the cable is completed with a PE sheath.

Application:Duct,Aerial,Direct buried,

1. Good mechanical and temperature performance
2. High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant
3. Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber
4. Crush resistance and flexibility
5. The following measures are taken to ensure the cable watertight:
6. Steel wire used as the central strength member
7. Loose tube filling compound
8.100% cable core filling
9. PSP enhancing moisture-proof
10. Water-blocking material

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