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Fiber Optics

iDream Fiber Optic Cable  offers fiber optic solutions that are designed to deliver the most advanced network performance, with a variety of density and connector options for maximum compatibility. Our cables and products are engineered with installation efficiency and performance in mind, providing with the flexibility to design and efficiently install in any environment. Explore our product offering, including fiber indoor/outdoor cables, enclosures, Fiber distribution terminals etc.

Structured Cabling solution

Telecommunications is the communication of information over distances and includes electronic transmission of impulses by telephone, computer and television. The beginning of telecommunications started with the invention of the telephone in 1874. Today, it has evolved from basic voice conversation to combining voice, video and data.
With experience in producing copper telecommunications cables like drop wires, jumper wires, and UTP cables, iDream Cable Factory provides an extensive range suitable for LAN, WAN and central office applications including latest xDSL technologies. We also manufacture and provide UTP patch panels and face plates etc. to provide complete solution under one umbrella.

Custom Designed Solutions

Customers around the world have relied on iDream Cable Factory’s quality and proven products for over one decade. We engineer each product to deliver exactly as promised, and we have a culture of constantly creating new products to better meet the needs of our customers. When you choose iDream, you will be working closely with our team of dedicated professionals that are ready to assist you at every step in the process. Their knowledge and expertise will help you build a true end-to- end solution for your particular application.

iDream Cable Project

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